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Diaper Fabric Swatches



It's so hard to shop for fabric online. You can't see it, you can't touch it. It feels like a real gamble some times! That's why DiaperFAB is happy to offer swatches of our fabrics.

See the fabric in person, find out if that shade of grape is what you were picturing in your mind, feel its softness or its waterproofness - then decide if you want to buy a yard or two.

Swatches are approx. 2 inches square.

Our fabric inventory changes fairly regularly as things get sold, so we cannot guarantee that a fabric will not sell out after you purchase a swatch but before you are ready to purchase the fabric.

Please enter the number of swatches you wish to order where indicated, then type in the codes for the fabrics you want (found on the Diaper Fabrics pages) and click Buy Now.
Fabric Swatch, 2 inches square. $.30 per swatch.      
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