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DiaperFAB Snap Service

Are you a home sewer who likse snap-close diapers, but don't want to invest in a snap press of your own? Or perhaps you have diapers whose snaps have fallen off? We offer a snap service just for people like you!



$1 flat fee per order, then $.10 per snap applied, for every 10 snaps, plus return shipping.

2 snaps - $1.20
10 snaps - $2.00
13 snaps - $3.30

Snap Press Rental for Des Moines area customers: $30 per day. (The definition of "day" is flexible.)


What We Need From You:

We will need you to mark on each of your diapers precisely where you want the snaps to be placed. You may do this with a permanent marker, a pen, or a marking pencil. Please do not use disappearing ink. I will put the snaps where you put the marks, so mark carefully!


Colors and Sizes Available :

We have size 20 polyacetal resin snaps. The colors we have available change fairly often. We always have white available, sometimes we have other colors, as well. Please contact us for current colors.


Please contact us with your snap-setting needs, and we'll invoice you via email once we know what you want. Thanks!