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Our flannel is 100% cotton and super cuddly and soft! It's the same flannel that our sister store, Wallypop, uses to make fitted diapers, and it wears beautifully.

Flannel is soft and absorbent. It is most commonly used in fitted diapers, or for the inside layer of AIOs. Also great for prefolded diapers, flat diapers, baby blankets, baby clothes, pajamas, breast pads, etc. It can be used for doublers, or as the absorbent layer in fitteds, but many layers of flannel will be needed to achieve the appropriate amount of absorbency.

All fabric on this page is approximately 44 inches wide. Fabric naturally varies by as much as an inch or two from the width marked on the bolt. Plus, it has all been prewashed/preshrunk. We wash all our flannel on HOT and dry on HIGH heat when it arrives at our house, so it's all ready to be sewn when it arrives at your house.

Please note that most fabrics are available in small quantities intended for home sewers. We do not have the quantities wanted or needed by most WAHMs who sew in bulk. If you plan to order large amounts, it might be best to email first to be sure that what you want is available.

Items marked with an * are in short supply (2 yards or fewer).

Please see our Policies for return and exchange information.

100% Cotton Flannel. $4.99 per yard.
Please choose the fabric you want from the drop-down menu, then enter the number of yards you wish to purchase and click the Buy Now button. You may order in quarter-yard increments, unless otherwise indicated.
100% Cotton Flannel , $4.99 per yard